Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Rose March

Happy new year, now we have a new EP to delight in.

I really honestly think that Billy is trying to alienate every remaining fan the Pumpkins have.
I mean, calling your new acoustic EP "American Gothic" is pretty bad, saying that you did so because of "the state of the nation" is even worse, and then you go and give it an album cover that's even worse than Zeitgeist's!!! Please, Billy.  I'm giving you so much leeway. I want to love you, and it just seems like you don't want me to.

Thankfully, at least "The Rose March" is a pretty enough song that I can keep giving him love for a little while longer.  The song is very pretty, worthy of the praise Pete Townsend gave it, but it's easy to see why it wasn't on Zeitgeist.  It's full of the little vocal touches that only Billy can do, the kind that were sorely missing of Zeitgeist.  It's a good case of something that only Billy can get away with.

I'm also glad to hear the song in a full-band arrangement.  I'm assuming that the touring band is playing on this song, and the EP.  If that isn't true, I'll be sort of miffed.  Billy needs more voices, more people on his albums.  The Pumpkins have always been cheifly-Billy, but there were always touches of someone else that kept everything from keeping too stale.  Zeitgeist suffered horribly from that.  And so far, this EP doesn't.

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