Thursday, January 17, 2008


The future.

Pug is probably the only song that actually describes Adore as the Pumpkins "electronic" album.  But it's not really, it's a pop song.  It's dark as hell, but it's still a pop song.  It's probably one of the songs that put people off about Adore, but they're silly, because it's one of the songs that should really turn you on to it.  It's a welcome push for the Pumpkins' direction (unlike, say, Pox, which could end up spelling DOOM for whatever comes next for the band).  Pug, sadly, didn't really point too far in the Pumpkins' future.  The dark-techno-evil genre sort of stopped at In My Body.  

When the song is played live, it's always electric and guitar-heavy, as if to make up for the lack of guitar on the album.  This, I feel, is a grave mistake, and only serves to defang the song.  And without fangs, Pug is nothing.

Someone told me once that the song is about phone sex.  Part of me hopes that isn't true.  The other part of me, I assume, is reaching in my pocket for my cellphone.

(This is the first song I've written about Adore? That's so dumb.  I guess I was holding off because Adore is so boss.)

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